Friday, May 15, 2009

TrueProtein Coupon Code Save 10% BNT602 | Discounted Whey Protein

True Protein offers Custom supplements that you design yourself or pick from a variety of pre-made formulas. No matter your dietary requirements, there is something at True Protein that can help you reach your goal.

* High Quality
* Great Taste
* Low Prices
* Excellent Customer Service

True Protein has made buying supplements in bulk much easier. There are tons of choices from slow digesting milk protein to fast digesting whey protein hydrolysate and plenty of vegan protein options. Protein supplement options include whey protein isolate, milk protein isolate, whey protein concentrate, hemp protein, rice protein, and micellar casein.

True Protein Coupon Code: BNT602

Save 5% on your ENTIRE order of whey protein powders, nutritional supplements, and capsuled products from

**Double Your Savings**

Order more than 16lbs to receive an additional 5% discount automatically.


1. The first true protein discount is a coupon code that you type in at checkout. The discount coupon code will save you 5% on your entire Trueprotein order. Here is the true protein discount code BNT602. On the checkout page in the blank space after Promotion Discount Code: write BNT602 and then click "Update" and then you will receive a 5% discount. The price of shipping is not included in the discount.

2. The second true protein discount is a volume discount determined by the number of product units purchased. You will get a volume discount by buying 16lb or more of one powder ( protein or carbs ). The discount is applied automatically, so there is no discount coupon code needed.

- If you want a volume discount and want more than one flavor , then pick one type of flavor and amount 16lb or more and then in order comments on Checkout page write what flavors you want and the number of pounds for that flavor , like this :

Whey Protein Isolate Ion-Exchange 4lb premium chocolate fudge
Whey Protein Isolate Ion-Exchange 4lb premium french vanilla
Whey Protein Isolate Ion-Exchange 4lb premium Orange Creme
Whey Protein Isolate Ion-Exchange 4lb premium banana bash

This way you will get more flavors and a lower price.

For some supplements trueprotein will give you a larger volume discount.

So using discount code BNT602 and buying 16lb or more will save you 10%


1. Best option is to buy True Protein Premium flavors, if you choose Premium flavor then go with plain for sweetener because Premium flavors are sweetened already.

2. If you use the free regular flavors and do not want sweetener then you must choose plain for sweetener and then in order comments write that you don't want sweetener, also you can ask double flavor, also just write it in order comments, for example double chocolate

Hints :
~ Save on shipping by doing a bulk protein purchase with a few friends. This helps avoid the high initial cost of shipping smaller packages. A large 30+ pound order spreads the shipping cost amongst a group.
~ All orders ship from True Protein's California location so shipping time will be shorter if live on the west coast.

"The name and reputation of True Protein has been built on word of mouth alone in the health and fitness industry…"
~True Protein

Show your support for a young growing company by passing the True Protein Discount Code BNT602 to your friends, saving them money and helping them make dramatic changes to their bodies.

True Protein



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