Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Renegade Pheromone Skin Balm | Confidence Booster - RPN Supplements

RPN Renegade Pheromone Skin Balm

RPN Renegade Pheremone Skin Balm contains the same pheremone formula as in the popular RPN Renegade pheremone soap. The only difference is this is used like an aftershave lotion. You rub a pea-sized dab on your neck, chest, and wrists (body parts that produce the most heat) and you let the pheremones do the rest.

RPN Renegade Reviews from bodybuilding forums.

"Pheromones exert just as powerful, if not a MORE powerful, effect upon the wearer. I love the psychological/confidence/assertiveness boost I get from Renegade."
~Dsade, owner of RPN

"I tried the renegade soap/balm combo and was really impressed... The scent is pleasant, but not overwhelming so you can wear additional cologne/body spray and not smell like a jackass. Really seems to provide a decent mood elevation as well. I definitely suggest picking some up..."

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