Tuesday, May 12, 2009

RPN Eviscerate - Hardcore Fat Burning Lotion Review + Coupon

RPN Eviscerate - Hardcore Fat Burning Lotion

Use discount coupon code 3472-BNT155 at orbitnutrition.com for a 5% discount on RPN Eviscerate.

"RPN Eviscerate represents a leap forward in targeted fatloss products. RPN Eviscerate's potent formula has been proven in the real world to dramatically reduce unwanted and unsightly fat deposits, including dreaded arm/leg/abdominal fat and cellulite. RPN Eviscerate: Reveal the Lean Underneath."

Reviews from bodybuilding.com and anabolicminds.com :

"Thermogenesis is obvious! Heat comes and goes depending on body temp apparently. No redness or dryness."

"my wife loves this stuff"

"Went to the gym this morning & did a weight lifting cardio session (circuit training). When I was leaving the gym, my abs/love handles really started to burn!! They continued to burn when I got home, about an hour after that, I went out to do yard work & sweat my butt off!! The burn continued!!"

"Well I worked arms yesterday. I applied Eviscerate all over my bi's and Tri's. It was funny walking around with two beat red arms. Anyways, I was astonished. Halfway through my workout my arms seemed huge. They were so jacked up. I didn't feel tremendously pumped, but my wife sure noticed. She stopped the elliptical to tell me my arms looked gigantic."

"Did traps today. Applied Eviscerate to traps, delts and arms. Massive pump. After the heavy sets my traps looked twice the normal size. I never get pumped on heavy sets. Same heat and milder redness. Been on for two weeks (abs only - abs no longer get red. Just sweat. DOMS is more pronounced (same as I reported on tris when I did that monday.) Overall they just feel harder/denser PWO. At 2 hrs PWO its still noticeably denser."

I love RPN. They are one of the coolest supplement companies out there and are always coming out with new innovative products. They've pretty much been marketed Word of Mouth and have a supplement genius at the wheel.


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