Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Renegade Pheromone Soap - Send Her Signals RPN Style

RPN Renegade Pheromone Soap

Recomp Performance Nutrition Renegade Pheromone Soap, 6 Oz.

RPN Renegade Soap is specifically designed to attract the ladies. It also has a strong impact on the wearer as it helps increase confidence and enhances mood. Renegade helps you bring it... nuf' said.

Renegade has a healthy thick lather that helps the soap last for about a month per bar. The smell is a very manly leather that should help bring out the Alpha side of you.

RPN Renegade contains shea butter, not only to moisten and hydrate the skin, but to help the pheremones penetrate the skin to allow the Pheromones to slowly release over time. This lets each application last for hours.

"You will note levels of talkativeness, touching, attentiveness, general affection, response to your advances, your OWN mood/confidence, and HER mood/response. This is crucial, guys...the affects of pheromones are very dependent on many factors, including how you carry yourself. They WILL affect you, as well as her."
~Dsade, owner of RPN

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