Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Vitamin Shoppe Coupon Code save $20 on supplements

Vitamin Shoppe Coupon Codes

There are 2 new Vitamin Shoppe coupon codes.

$15 off $75 coupon code 5445

$20 off $100 coupon code 4994

They Expire at the end of September.

MRM Metabolic Whey Protein 10% off Coupon Best Price Nutrition

MRM 10lbs Whey Protein $49.49 with Coupon Code

Best Price Nutrition has a 10% off coupon code for 10lb containers of MRM metabolic whey. This coupon code is MRMW2. 10lbs for under $50 is always a steal. I've never tried this protein powder, so I cannot vouch for the taste.

You can choose from 3 different protein flavors: chocolate, vanilla and strawberry whey protein.

The coupon code is MRMW2. Expires September 30th.

Friday, September 18, 2009

DPSnutrition Coupon Codes for DPSnutrition.com

**DPS Coupons, Specials and Free offers:

Order over $125.00 and get $5.00 off (Enter Promotional Code DPS1)
Order over $200.00 and get $10.00 off (Enter Promotional Code DPS2)
Order over $300.00 and get $18.00 off (Enter Promotional Code DPS3)
Order over $400.00 and get $25.00 off (Enter Promotional Code DPS4)
Order over $600.00 and get $40.00 off (Enter Promotional Code DPS6)

PLUS - Get a Free Dps Nutrition T-Shirt, Tank Top or Hat with Online Orders
over $100.00.
Products must total $100 to qualify.

Products on order must total coupon amount. Shipping does not count towards
If ordering online you enter this Promotional code in the promotional code
box on the shopping cart page.
Please make sure you enter the code and click Enter.

Manufacturer Dollar Saving Coupon Offers:

**$20 Off $100 MRI Purchase- Enter coupon code MR030 - See MRI Freebie
Offers Below
**$10 Off $100 Palo Alto Purchase- Enter coupon code PALO
**$15 Off $80 Panthera Labs Purchase- Enter Coupon Code PAN1

New Blowout Product List - Over 150 items!!


-Free Mri Baseball Hat, Mri Gym Bag Black or Mri Skull Cap with $75 MRI
-Free RPM Black T-Shirt with $100.00 Applied Nutriceuticals order
-Free Labrada T-Shirt with $125 Labrada order
-Free SAN T-Shirt, Vitamin Chest or Shaker Bottle with $100 SAN order
-Free Magnum Multi with $75 Betancourt Nutrition order
-Free Garbage Performace drink T-Shirt with $75 Garbage order
-Free Isatori Morph T-Shirt Black with $100 Isatori order
-Free EST Water bottle with $50 EST order
-Free Met-rx shaker bottle or T-Shirt with $75 met-rx order
-Free Gaspari Gym Bag with $100 Gaspari order
-Free Axis Labs Shaker bottle when you buy a Smash Fully Loaded Pre-Workout
--Free Bodywell Nutrition E2 Voltage T-Shirt with $50 Bodywell order
-Free Universal Nutrition Journey Book with every $100 Universal order
**While Supplies Last**

New Products List- New Products & Product coming soon


4 Ever Fit
4 Ever Fit Whey Protein 4.4lb $29.99

Advanced Muscle Science
Decavol buy 2 get 1 free $71.90 3 x 63 caps

Hyper shots special 12 Btls $15.99

Oh So Good Bars 2 boxes for $34.99

Thermo Hydroxadrine 2x 144 cap btls $29.99

Champion Nutrition
Wipeout $25.95

Glypro XTS Complete Stack $29.99

Contolled Labs
White Flood now in Tablets 320 tabs for $37.95

Diesel Nutrition

JP8 $34.95

NOS Ether (level 1) $22.95

NCP (pre-workout) $19.99

Ether Tabs $23.99

Ready 4 War $19.99

Dymatize Nutrition

5lb Elite Whey Protein $31.95

10lb Elite Whey Protein $61.95

Elite 12-hour MRP $23.97

4.4lb Elite 12-hour Protein $26.90

IDS Sports

Ids Grow Tabs sale $27.95 while supplies last
Buy 2 x Ids Grow Tabs and get a free Mass Caps XP

New Whey Liquid 42 Gram Protein Vials $25.99 12 vials per box

Ripped Tabs $29.95

Mass Caps XP $28.95

Bromodrol $32.95

Whey Isolate Blend 5lb $36.99

Whey Isolate Blend 10lb $67.95

Smart Gainer 10lb $34.99

I Force Nutrition
Max Out NOW $41.99

LG Sciences
T-911 is here!!! 75 tabs $26.99

Cold Fusion EX Buy 1 get 1 free $34.99

Trac Xtreme NO $32.99

10lb Whey Protein $57.99


SNI Performance Pack -- special intro Price $39.99

Primal Test as low as $19.99 while supplies last

Pure Protein Bar Sale $19.99!!!

Scivation Xtend - Cheap amino acid sale @ Muscle & Strength

Cheap Scivation Xtend on Sale Now

Scivation Xtend in Blue grape is on sale at Muscle & Strength. I had never heard of scivation making a blue colored xtend that was grape flavored, but the muscle and strength website mentions that it is rare.

This clearance sale on scivation xtend amino acids is limited time only.

Also remember to check out the muscle gauge nutrition whey protein that is still on sale.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Protein Blitz Free Sample - Coupon for Free Bottle at GNC or VS

Protein Blitz Free Sample

Protien Blitz is giving away free bottles of their product in-store at Vitamin Shoppe or GNC. Note that protein blitz free sample is not available through online retail, one must go to the actual GNC or Vitamin Shoppe to receive their free bottle of protein blitz.

Print out the coupon from either link below and take it to your nearest GNC or Vitamin Shoppe store.

Protein Blitz - GNC

Protein blitz - Vitamin Shoppe

These Protein Blitz free samples are available until December 31, 2009.

AffordableSupplements.com Coupon Code - Save 5% Discount Code

Affordable Supplements Discount Coupon code: SaveBig976 Saves supplement shoppers 5% on each order from AffordableSupplements.com Type in the discount code at checkout. Take advantage of free Shipping on orders $75 or more.

Coupon Code Expires midnight Tuesday September 22, 2009

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Biggest Loser Whey Protein Coupon | Designer Whey Protein Coupon

Biggest Loser Whey Protein Coupon

The protein company Designer Whey has coupons for all its products including the Biggest Loser brand available ath the following address http://www.designerwhey.com/promotions.htm

Designer Whey is protein choice for the NBC Biggest Loser contestants.

Some may know and some may not, but normally online retailers will not accept manufacturer coupons. The do however price their products much lower than most brick and mortar stores. Search my blog for current whey protein coupons and supplement store coupons for the lowest prices.

Bulk Nutrition Coupon Code 5% off until September 20 2009

Use Bulk Nutrition coupon code BULK92009 to receive 5% off your purchase at bulknutrition.com.

Use coupon code: BULK92009

Coupon discount expires midnight September 20, 2009

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Fitrx Optimum Nutrition Protein Deal - Coupon Code Free Shipping

Fitrx.com has Optimum Nutrition protein powder for under $66 for 10lbs (twinpack of 2 five pounders). The $66 includes shipping if you use the coupon code "ONFALL" you will receive free shipping on this item.

This coupon offer expires September 14, 2009.

DiscountAnabolics.com Coupon Code - Better than Free Shipping | Discount Codes

Discount Anabolics coupon codes saves you money on each order from discount anabolics. There are some great deals out now.

$3.00 Off $100 Order. Use Coupon Code: 3OFF100
$7.00 Off $200 Order. Use Coupon Code: 7OFF200 Better Than Free Shipping
$12.00 Off $300 Order. Use Coupon Code: 12OFF300 Better Than Free Shipping
$18.00 Off $400 Order. Use Coupon Code: 18OFF400 Better Than Free Shipping
$25.00 Off $500 Order. Use Coupon Code: 25OFF500 Better Than Free Shipping

This coupon code expires on an unknown date.

Shipping cost is a flat-rate fee of $5.95 for up to 7 pounds and $0.85 for every pound after .

A quick look tells me most of the popular brands of whey protein powder are around $40 on average for 5lbs of whey protein powder which is less than stellar even in the current protein market. Tack on the shipping at roughly $1 per pound and we discover that Discount Anabolics may not be the best place to buy heavy products.

Discount Anabolics does bring down some good prices on capsuled products like fatburners, test-boosters and prohormones. They seem to ease in a few dollars cheaper than the competition on some of the more popular products. A few examples are Molecular Nutrition's X-factor for about $45 a bottle (FYI you need 2 bottle for a cycle), Anabolic Xtreme StimulantX for $27, and Anabolic Xtreme 3-AD at $55. They also seem to have good prices BCAA powders like Xtend.

I'd like to note the large amount of "out of stock" which seems to be alot (not including the recent recall of Hydroxycut Products). I understand stock shortages, but some of these items are never coming back such as package deals with Primaforce Whey Protein Isolate and the original Aspire36 (RIP) that got permanately banned over a year ago for having viagra/cialis is listed as "out of stock" on the website.

Bottom Line: If you are shopping for heavy items this may not be the store for you because the extra dollar a pound for shipping can stack up fast if you are not careful. However, if you are just buying capsules and lighter products you could score some deals at Discount Anabolics.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Vitamin Shoppe Coupon Code for $10 & $15 off Free Shipping

VitaminShoppe.com coupon codes

Enter these discount codes at checkout for instant savings :

9291 - $10 off $50
2530 - $15 off $75

These have unknown expiration dates.

AS always, you can get free shipping on all orders over $49.