Saturday, October 17, 2009

RPN Closes ThermoGum Rises & Patrick Arnold's New "The Clear" Shot - Supplement Digest #1

Fitness Supplement news, info and deals of the week.

Not alot of good supplement deals or coupons this week, but there are some movers and shakers in the health supplement industry right now :

A few major stories in the bodybuilding/fitness supplement industry this past week. Patrick Arnold's new supplement company rolled out its new energy product. Recomp Performance Nutrition closed down and the new company Thermogum released its weightloss energy gum.

RPN Goes Bye-Bye

The supplement company RPN is closing its doors. The guy who owned it (screenname dsade on many bodybuilding forums) restructured the business into a few different corporations that will be announced in the upcoming weeks. So the last of its remaining stock was sent to (though, it can still be found at and other stores). For those unaware, RPN had an awesome skin care/lotion line of products that included Java coffee scented soaps, lotions, shampoo, stretchmark cream, topical fatloss lotions etc. They also had a pheromone product called Renegade that was great at attracting the ladies and tingly lube called slick pleasures to help her enjoy your time together. Most of the products will be coming back under new brands, but some will not (including Renegade).

RIP RPN. You will be missed.

The King Lives Again - Dsade brings us ThermoGum

Alright that entrance was a little over-dramatic, but seriously this dude is a genius. The guy who raised RPN to greatness has brought another brand to the table Thermogum LLC. Their first product ThermoGum is weightloss gum. This gum is supposed to raise your body temperature and give you energy. I bought a couple packs today so I'll probably have a review of it coming next week or early the week after.

Another King Rises - Patrick Arnold brings back The Clear(shot)!

Patrick Arnold (the chemist from the Balco Steroid era, creator of "the clear" and formerly of ergopharm) has a new company out called E-pharm. They have 11-oxo and Clearshot Concentrate (an energy preworkout supplement) out as its first products. The clearshot is definitely worth checking out, I've heard good things about it. There is a package deal on nutraplanet: $28 for a bottle of clearshot and a pack of thermogum. I didn't have enough cash to grab one of these, but I'm sure there will be some reviews on the web that you can search for.

Thanks for reading and enjoy these deals on your whey out :

New Supplement Deal Site in Town has a new supplement deal section that is like the other supplement deal of the day websites. As well, they have a 10% Coupon Code just write in "thanks" (no quotes). In addition they appear to price match on certain items and have guaranteed 3-day shipping which is pretty fast shipping.

Again use coupon code thanks for a 10% discount at quicksupps. Not sure when it expires though so make haste.

Still ongoing is the Epic Nutrition NRG Shots on sale for 64% off at That means 12 shots for $13. has a coupon code out for all protein bars, use coupon code snak10 for 10% off. So take a look around for your favorite healthy snack bar.

Nutraplanet has an activate xtreme/novedex xt stack on sale for $57. They also still have Scivation Xtend BCAAs for $37 (here's one review of xtend). If you are like science and research studies xtend has one right here. Purus labs Recycle buy2get1 free and omega sports T-force (a fadogia product) at buy1get1 free.

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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Whey Protein $33.45

Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Whey Protein

Use the Subscribe and save option at for the Optimum nutrition gold standard 5lb protein powder and get a special price of $33.45 tends to vary their prices throughout the day/week etc. so keep that in mind when planning your purchases.

Unknown expiration on this protein offer.

World Class Nutrition Free Shipping Coupon

World Class Nutrition Free Shipping Coupon

Get free Shipping at WCN by using coupon codee FGS

AEN Intrabolic Clearance Sale at Vitamin Shoppe Locations

Athletic Edge Nutrition's Intrabolic is on sale at vitamin shoppe brick/mortar locations across america. Check the clearance rack for apple flavored intrabolic for around $17.50. Its better to call ahead to a store near you to check and see if they have the Green Apple Intrabolic. Offer valid only on the green apple flavored intrabolic.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

TrueProtein Coupon Code Save 10% BNT602 | True Protein Discount Code

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Save a total of 10% at the online supplement store by using the True Protein "volume discount". The Volume discount is found on the True Protein product pages. The Trueprotein product page should list two prices; the first price represents the cost of each unit if you only buy one unit of product at True Protein. The next price (in red) is your bulk purchase discount. You buy over a certain minimum number of units and you receive an additional discount in addition to the 5% off True Protein Coupon code BNT602. For most True protein Whey products the volume discount begins at 16 pounds. For the supplement powders minimum units vary greatly. Just look at each product page and locate the discount per number of units.

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True Protein Coupon Code

True Protein 10% Off Discount Code BNT602
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2. The Second coupon discount is a volume discount determined by the number of product pounds or units purchased. You will get a volume discount by buying 16lbs or more of one powder or a certain number of bottles of supplement capsules.

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True Protein Whey Protein Isolate Ion-Exchange 4lb premium chocolate fudge
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*Notice that there is only one type of protein selected. The volume discount only applies to one type of protein purchased in bulk. You would have to buy 16lbs or equivalent bottles of another substance to qualify for the volume true protein discount coupon.

This way you will get more true protein flavors at a lower price.

So using coupon code BNT602 will save you 10% on your trueprotein purchase when you make large orders at

True Protein FLAVORS :

1. The "Premium Flavors" taste the best and there is a wide variety to choose. It may be best to order a few flavors you know that you will like on your first order and purchase the sample variety pack that contains baggies with about 2 scoops of protein flavored with all the premium flavors to go along with your first true protein order.

2. True protein allows you a small selection of free flavors. These free flavors can be doubled by writing in the order comments to double the flavor such as "double chocolate". Though it is worth the 75 cents to purchase premium flavoring, doubling the flavoring on some of the free flavors seems to be sufficient. I have tried double banana TeamSkip and thought it was pretty good.

3. Protein Powder can be bought plain, flavored but unsweetened, or unflavored and unsweetened.

4. Premium flavors and regular flavors can be purchased separately to flavor your protein or supplement purchase. The premium flavors may also be good to flavor smoothies or other similar foods.

Hints :
~ Save on shipping by doing a bulk protein purchase with a few friends. A large 15+ pound order helps save money by spreads the shipping cost amongst a group.
~ All orders ship from California so shipping time will be shorter if you are on the west coast. Coast to Coast it seems to take about a week to ship.

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~True Protein

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TrueProtein Discount BNT602 Discount Code

True Protein Discount Code

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