Thursday, May 14, 2009

BodyWell Nutrition First Order | Beta-Alanine Endurance Supplement

BodyWell Nutrition First Order

BodyWell Nutrition First Order, 50 Packets, Lemonade

Beta-Alanine Endurance Supplement

BodyWell First Order contains the proven workout enhancer Beta-alanine that increases muscle endurance during intense workouts at the gym, long runs in the park, and during long bike rides. This product comes in convenient packets "on the go" style so you can mix it right before the big game.

~Reduces exercise-induced fatigue by up to 34%
~Gives you more energy for increased performance
~Increases physical stamina and endurance
~Lets you train harder, become stronger, and recover faster

Ideal For :

Endurance athletes
Strength/power athletes
Team sports
Active people

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