Sunday, May 3, 2009

Supplement Direct Flavorless Protein Concentrate - Cheap Protein

This store has 5lbs of Supplement Direct Whey Protein Powder

flavorless cheap whey protein concentrate for around $27. This is a pretty good price for a flavorless whey and a better deal when used with the bodybuilding discount coupons. As it is flavorless, it is a versatile powder that you can put in anything for added protein or drink it straight. may drop the price a little sometime, because they are currently trying to recoup the loss on a bigtime pricing mistake when this product was launched a few days ago.

I probably would not buy flavorless, but if I did I would mix it with the Premium Flavor packs available at True Protein. Word on the street is that TrueProtein will have a "chocolate peanut butter" flavor and a "peanut butter cup" flavor coming out in a few weeks. I'll try and get an update on here whenever they finally come out with it.


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