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4 Supplement Deal Websites That'll Help Burn Your Fat Not Your Wallet

  1. Whey Cheap brings the Woot type deals to the supplement junkies. This supplement deal of the day site was the first in the supplement industry and fortunately for us other competitors got in the game too. They've had lots of good sales and new supplements being launched through this deal site. However, they've also had lots of duds.
  2. Whey2Buy

    A1supplements wanted to join in on the fun a few months after WheyCheap. They seem to post alot of fatburners and preworkout type supplements up for sale. Its hit or miss; I see alot of unfamiliar supplement brands up.
  3. Prosource Green Light Special

    I had never heard of Prosource before they got into the Deal of the day game. They have "just o.k." deals up as a greenlight special, some are just a few bucks off compared to other sites' prices and lots of minor brands. Their house brand Prosource gets put up a lot.
  4. Muscle & Strength Deal of the Day (they know how to do nice deals)
Some of these supplement deal websites are hit or miss, but if you check them out each day you can really snag a good supplement deal. You may also like to check out if you need a lot of protein powder at a really cheap price. Use True Protein promo code BNT602 for 5% off your entire order. has 25lb and 50lb bags of unflavored whey protein powder for around $4 a pound. They also have individual flavor packs (buy the premium they are much better) that can be purchased to flavor the plain whey protein powder.

Orbit Nutrition has some really good supplement deals going on right now. Their everyday prices beat out most of the competition. Plus you can use code 3472-BNT155 at Checkout for an additional 5% off

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Caffeine Supplements Side Effects & Benefits of Caffeine Use In Sports

What is Caffeine? Is it Safe

Caffeine is a stimulant, that when used in moderation, can yield beneficial results. The numerous psychological and physical benefits attained by supplementing with caffeine outweigh the side effects that accompany this drug. Many labs, corporations, and even the United States Military consider caffeine safe and reliable. This research paper should present the reader with enough information to make an informed decision on the health benefits of consuming caffeine. The purpose of this paper is to advise the readers of ways caffeine can affect their body: biologically, physically and psychologically.

Caffeine Affects Body Chemistry

Using caffeine affects the body’s natural mechanism that slows the nerve cell movement in order to calm itself and come to rest. Caffeine acts as an inhibitor of Adenosine (ie, the mechanism) by blocking the receptor slots designated for it, thereby not allowing the rest period to occur (Encyclopedia4u, 2004). The body reacts by releasing neurotransmitters such as norepinephrine, dopamine, acetylcholine, serotonin, glutamate and GABA. (Institute of Medicine, Food components 29) These neurons are primarily responsible for “triggering movement, muscle action, emotion, attention, mood, alertness and memory” (Myers 58).

Physical Advantages of Caffeine Usage in Sports

The physical advantages of taking caffeine can be very productive. Many sports including the Olympics have banned a certain level of caffeine consumption. In order to explain the positive advantages clearly, the following are the results of a study that tested performance enhancement due to caffeine. During endurance exercises, the benefits from caffeine (300mg) are clearly seen. The studies demonstrate how the intensity of the participants increased by 7% and the test subjects were able to exercise for 19% more time (Schwenk, 2004). During a different study, involving cyclists, the control group was able to bike for 75 minutes, whereas the group who consumed 300mg of caffeine in advance biked for 90 minutes. That is a 20% increase (Raforth, 2004).

Caffeine Helps You Breath Better

A person’s lungs are able to benefit from caffeine usage (dosages over 100g). The caffeine allows for “smooth muscle relaxation and bronchial dilation, possibly accounting for its anti-asthmatic effect” (Institute of Medicine, Food components 31). Another benefit of caffeine is its help with lipolysis (the breakdown of fatty tissue), which increases the person’s heart rate and metabolism (Schwenk, 2004).

The Bad Side-Effects of Taking Caffeine

Bad side-effects sometimes occur while using caffeine. The first bad side-effect that I will mention is high blood pressure. Though only a temporary increase, it is important to mention that this increase is usually only seen in new users of caffeinated sodas, coffees and energy drinks. Along with high blood pressure, a person could suffer an occasional irregular heartbeat. If this occurs, the dosage of caffeine should be decreased and a doctor should be notified if one is concerned about this side effect (Harvard School of Medicine 3). Caffeine is a diuretic, causing one to urinate more often, which could lead to dehydration. New users who consume more than 250mg of caffeine may “experience headaches and nervousness” (Schwenk, 2004, np).

Another bad side-effect occurs while attempting to stop using caffeinated products. “Following the cessation of caffeine use, withdrawal-like symptoms are sometimes seen in humans, such as headache, irritability, nervousness, and a reduction in energy…Although the development of withdrawal symptoms might indicate an addictive property, caffeine does not have a convincing profile as an addictive drug” (Institute of Medicine, Food components 31).

Psychological Benefits of Caffeine Usage

There are many psychological benefits of using caffeine. This paper will introduce some studies, which will present a safe range of caffeine for ingestion. Because the body absorbs caffeine quickly, the effects will happen quickly as well. One study by the National Academy of Sciences concludes that doses of caffeine (300mg-600mg) can reverse “performance degradations and alterations in mood and alertness” due to lack of sleep. This reversal is able to last for several hours. The scientists conducted this study using sleep-deprived subjects consuming “large doses (up to 600mg) of caffeine [to show that it is effective] in improving a variety of cognitive performances.” A test, given to the volunteers before and after the administering of caffeine, included tasks necessary to measure speed, accuracy and mental processing. The results show the “relatively long-lasting effects of this drug… reversing the effects of sleep deprivation on cognitive performance (Institute of Medicine, Caffeine for 423).”

A couple other studies have been performed which yielded similar results. In one, dosages of 250mg were given to one group and the other group received a placebo, the group administered caffeine are recorded as being substantially more alert and having faster reaction time than that of the placebo group. In the other, volunteers were administered dosages of caffeine ranging from 0mg-256mg. The volunteers reported being overwhelmed with “vigor”, as well as their “fatigue, depression and hostility” decreased (Institute of Medicine, Food components 38). Some negative psychological side effects include cases of “restlessness, nervousness and insomnia (Encyclopedia4u, 2004).

Does Caffeine Affect Pregnancy?

Some questions rose over the past few decades asking whether problematic births or heart diseases relate to caffeine ingestion. Researchers have searched for the truth and have produced contradictory results, which do not conclude whether caffeine is one of the contributing factors responsible (Harris, 3-4). As always it is best for the opinion of a doctor to be requested regarding caffeine use during pregnancy on a case by case basis.

Final Thoughts on Caffeine

There are many examples throughout this paper presenting evidence for both positive and negative ramifications linked to the consumption of caffeine. These side-effects affect a person’s body and mind positively and sometimes negatively. In the future, more research will be conducted, which may reveal the mysterious secrets of caffeine.


Encyclopedia4u. (n.d.). Caffeine.

Harris, M. (2004). The buzz on caffeine [Electronic version]. Vegetarian Times, 71-73. Coffee: for most, it’s safe. Harvard Women’s Health Watch 2-3.

Institute of Medicine. (2001) Caffeine for the sustainment of mental task performance: Formulations for military operations (423).

Institute of Medicine. (2001) Food components to enhance performance: An evaluation of potential performance-enhancing food components for operational rations (30-38).

Myers, D. G. (2004) Psychology: Seventh Edition in Modules. New York: Worth Publishers.

Raforth, D. Cycling performance tips (n.d.).

Schwenk, T. L. (1997, January). Psychoactive drugs and athletic performance [Electronic Version]. The Physician and Sportsmedicine,

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Hess-Biber: Am I Thin Enough Yet? - Cult of Thinness Book Analysis

"Am I Thin Enough Yet?: The Cult of Thinness and the Commercialization of Identity"


**Whenever it says "according to research" etc. No documentation was required by the professor because it was a summary of information written or summarized and sourced by the author of the book and contained in the book itself.

Number 1 is an introduction that tells the methods used during the Author's Research.

Number 2 summarize the content of the book including historic examples and current trends.

Number 3 is my reaction/opinion of the book and the Research.

Number 4 contains suggestions on updating the research content supplied in the book

Originally written: November 13, 2006

1. Hess-Biber develops the argument that a “cult of thinness” exists amongst women (and a small portion of men) in society. It is a reaction to economical, social and emotional oppression from men throughout history. According to Hess-Biber, this patriarchy still exists today and is commonly found in the media and advertisements. She explains that eating disorders stem from ideal body types being socially constructed and culturally defined.

While working at Boston College she was intrigued by the majority of eating disorders being reported by women. She sought to investigate this unsettling trend. She devised a study that would examine the source of these events. She conducted a survey with 395 participants (71% female) gathering information concerning their family dynamics and views of themselves and their diet/exercise programs. She also conducted a multi-year study on 60 college-aged women that amassed information from throughout that period of their lives. These studies have great value when examining the lives of young people and their interaction with society. She focuses on the impressionability of children and their ways of coping with stress, emotion, and body image. She examines how a person’s childhood sets the stage for how they cope with struggles later in life. Hess-Biber continuously stresses that people’s self-esteem and self-worth should not be derived from other people, only one’s inner self.

2. Like a cult, women with eating disorders are trapped in a vicious cycle of ritualistic purging and traditions. They strive to attain the ‘perfect’ body, but in their eyes, that status will never be attained. They worship the world around them… the sexy models, actresses on television, their friends and family members who look better than they do. They are soaked with envy and jealousy. When something goes wrong in their lives, they binge and use food as their only refuge. Minutes later, they purge themselves, removing the evil activity that they had partaken. They remove the sin and follow it with acts of contrition to atone for what they had done.

In our culture, there is a lot of pressure on females to be pretty. Sources such as magazines and television shows keep reinforcing the need to be perfect means to be skinny. To get a great boyfriend you must be thin. Many young women feel pressured by family members to stay thin. Delia was the first girl Hess-Biber spoke about in chapter one. Her mother often told Delia that she needed to lose weight and be thin so she could marry a rich man. Her mom was a “trophy wife” so she should live up to that standard. In a similar way, parents have controlled young women for centuries, convincing them that they must be beautiful in the eyes of culture to exist.

During 10th century China, they viewed foot binding as a symbol of beauty. This was a painful procedure that permanently disfigured the foot into a club and severely limited there physical mobility. In performing this ritual, it showed the power that a man, the head of the household, had over his family. One of the main reasons for this tradition was to keep young girls pure until marriage. The restriction on mobility limited the number of sexual encounters a girl could potentially have. In Chinese society, marriage was the only way for parents to get value out of a daughter. They were instantly famous and fortunate if their daughter married a wealthy man of nobility. Women were the lowest of all the lows. During the Victorian era, corsets were the fetish of choice to accentuate a slim waist. Men would decorate their wives with these tight garments that restrict mobility. These restrictions lead to more dependence and submission toward their husbands. More recently, during the post-WWII era, the rise of the flappers caused an increase in cases of anorexia as women attempted to get the perfect body and increase individualism. Women, throughout time, have used their bodies to gain power in a man’s world.

Self-help advertisements fill all types of media nowadays. Many show the type of women that are most desirable in our culture. They entice women to do whatever is necessary to achieve that image. Capitalism and greed has caused many corporations to exploit women and their desire to belong. Magazines offer beauty advice and advertisements for the newest cosmetic surgery. These ads point out which body parts start to fail first and which need the most help. Corporations are relying on the susceptibility of women to gain profit. On the other side of the coin, obesity is on the rise. Bombarded with ads for snack foods and fast food targeted at women, corporations want America in a cycle of destruction. The health & wellness industry is a multi-billion dollar business. To be what everyone else wants, you must change yourself. Women (and some men) are viewing themselves in the mirror and hating how they look solely because they do not fit the ideals found in magazines or the movie screen. They will spend $100’s on the latest fad diets and health supplements as they battle to achieve perfection. Are they pleasing everyone, but themselves? The story of Janet in chapter 4 demonstrates this. She lost a ton of weight and had stomach-stapling surgery, but she gained it all back and was saddened about how here life had changed. Nothing was better when she was thinner, compared to when she was fat. Her husband was not showing her any extra concern and she did not feel any better about herself inside. She only was happy when she left her husband and started losing weight to please herself, not everyone around her.

Ugly children, according to research, face different treatment than good-looking ones. When shown pictures of children negative attributes were said about the ugly children and positive attributes about good-looking ones. In academia, better-looking children received more positive feedback on report cards than bad-looking children did. Children chose an obese child last, out of a photo array of handicap children, as whom they liked the most.

Doctors and health care providers use medical charts to identify ideal weight. There are large discrepancies between women’s views of themselves (culture) in comparison to the medical chart. For men there was only a 5lb differential; however for women there was a much larger 20lb difference. This proves how much the cultural stereotype plays into health choices. Women view themselves as fat even if they are medically safe. Statistically the college students who expressed strong concern with the cultural stereotypical weight were more likely to feel anxiety and extra pressure about how they look. The cult of thinness breeds behavior that mimics full-blown anorexia and bulimia. Obsession with exercising all the time, using fat burners, and severe calorie restrictions take control of their lives. Pain from the past hurts them. Notoriously, according to research, mothers put the most pressure on young girls to be thin and diet; fathers rarely said anything. Siblings have a strong influence on how each other views themselves. Words can hurt, especially when it comes from the lips of family.

3. I think the word “cult” is justified. Bulimia and anorexia, responses to culturally defined stereotypes, are not typically viewed as the norm in society. It is possible that routinely no one admits publicly to suffering with these conditions. I would suggest that they suffer in silence. They find support with the many people who suffer silently as well. They are closest with friends who are alike in their body image ideals, this shields themselves and acts as a support group. Exercise, fat burners and calorie restrictions are the pathway to paradise. Misinformation filtered throughout society breeds all of these harmful practices. The fact will always remain that fad diets will not work in the long term. This “cult” has been fed the same lies as the rest of the dieting community.

You have to make a lifestyle commitment. You must get your heart right before making an endeavor to changing your body. Make the commitment to feel better because you want it, not because other people say it is what “should be”.

Hess-Biber swears that capitalism is the source of most eating disorders. If people want something, the market will provide. I think she is blaming the wrong people. I would claim that it is a natural inclination to want to look the best to potential mates. Since beauty is socially constructed, it existed long before the term capitalism ever took form. The definition has been constantly changing throughout time. Even today, men find unique characteristics attractive that differ from woman to woman. Women have the same view, each are looking for something specific.

Many of the young women in the book had been born into self-fulfilling prophecies. Their mothers instilled into them the need to be thin. Mothers told their daughters that they needed to focus on their natural physical assets because that is all they had. The daughters continue to due what is necessary to achieve beauty in their mothers’ eyes. Dr. Phil has always said that you do not need to be externally validated. You need to work on your internal issues first.

One can logically compare the article about rape and frat parties with the “cult of thinness.” Both represent gang mentalities and having their own cliques. One owes its loyalty to a glass of beer and the other an empty plate. I think everyone is a member of the “cult of thinness” everyone wants to improve in some area of their lives and it does not have to be their body image. Some want to be smarter, some want to be faster, some richer. Everyone covets what others have in some way. This correlates with everyone exhibiting characteristics of members of a frat. When you have close friends you hide secrets and protect members of your group. They are family. Members of frats recruit members who are alike… usually people with eating disorders come in pairs. You surround yourself with people who understand you.

4. Further studies should be performed to examine recent changes in body image and the emphasis placed on body image. The most recent study mentioned occurred in the mid-1990s, a lot has happened since then that has drastically changed many behaviors. The studies mentioned middle to upper class white women being the majority of eating disorder cases. Newer studies found an increase in males (50% increase in 4 years) and ethnicities. More studies should be performed to see how rates have progressed. Studies should also track culturally defined stereotypes year-by-year to examine the driving factors. An in-depth study should focus on only men and the influence of advertisements on their mental/physical health. Too much of Hess-Biber’s case studies thought the ideal was ultra-skinny, is this a prominent misconception? A study should be performed to examine what is the new definition of beauty. Use photo arrays and background information to survey a large group of men to see what they find attractive physically and non-physically. Have them rank in order the most important to least important characteristics. I think there will be a large variety of what men find attractive.

Optimum Nutrition Whey Protein Powder Supplement Review

I picked up the 16 packet Optimum Nutrition Whey Protein variety Pack and am going to review all of the whey protien flavors.

Optimum 100% Whey Protein, 16 Flavor Packets, Variety Pack

I will be mixing them all with water (4-6oz). I will use the Blender Bottle

Flavors in the Variety Pack

Banana Cream
Caramel Toffee Fudge
Chocolate Malt
Chocolate Mint
Cookies & Cream
Delicious Strawberry
Double Rich Chocolate
Extreme Milk Chocolate
French Vanilla Creme
Mocha Cappuccino
Orange Cream
Rocky Road
Root Beer Float
Strawberry Banana
Tropical Punch
Vanilla Ice Cream

Other brands I've purchased (chocolate unless I mention otherwise):

Champion Nutrition (Chocolate, Banana, Cookies & Cream, Cocoa-Mochaccino)
American Sports Nutrition: American Whey
Prolab (Cinnamon Oatmeal)
Syntrax Matrix 5.0
Optimum Nutrition (Chocolate, Chocolate Mint)
GNC (Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry)
Designer Whey

My Favorite of them all has been:

Champion Nutrition Whey Protein (Chocolate)

Champion Pure Whey Protein Stack, 5 Lbs., Chocolate
My 2nd best is American Whey Protein, 10lbs - Cheap Whey Protein

The bar is set pretty high, so let's see what ON can do.


Optimum Nutrition Double Rich Chocolate Whey Protein Powder

Do I like this Flavor?
-Yes, I LOVE Chocolate. Almost all my whey that I have purchased has been chocolate.

Mixibility- 8.5/10. Mixed good, some small clumps were still there after 6-7 seconds in the

blender bottle, so I shook for a few seconds more.

Texture-9/10. I used 6 ounces of water and it Turned out too thin for me. Nothing wrong with that, I just might use less water next time to get it how I like it.

Taste-8/10. Taste just like I remember. It is rich but not a "sweet sweet" taste. It has a sharp after-taste like after having eaten bittersweet dark chocolate.

Overall-8/10. It was good, but not my thing.

Will I be buying this flavor?- No, I'd had it multiple times before, but kept searching to find a better tasting chocolate whey. I eventually found Champion Nutrition Whey Protein and have settled on that brand.


Optimum Nutrition Vanilla Ice Cream Whey Protein Powder

Do I like this Flavor?

Mixibility- 8/10. I used less water so it took about 15 seconds to get most of the clumps out.

Texture-9.5/10. I used 5 ounces of water. It was the consistancy of whole milk.

Taste-5/10. Tasted like powdered milk with a hint of vanilla. Wierd chemical taste during and especially after.

Overall-5/10. When people describe things as having a "chemical" taste, I never new exactly what they meant... til now. If not for the lingering chemical taste, a person could buy a big container, not like it, and mix with another flavor to make up for it.

Will I be buying this flavor?- No


Optimum Nutriton Delicious Strawberry Whey Protein Powder

Do I like this Flavor?
-NO, I suffered through 6lbs of GNC Strawberry 8 years ago and it was not pleasant.

Mixibility- 9/10. Less than 10 seconds vigorous shaking.

Texture-8/10. used about 4.5oz water. Turned out thin like skim-milk.

Taste-6/10. The first rush of flavor made me think it was going to be O.K. but then I got hit with a chemical taste. It finishes with a sharp kinda bitter taste.

-6.5/10. Its like one of those vitamin water drinks that you pick up just to try out, but never buy it again because there is just something not right with the flavor. The chemical taste does not linger after drinking as long as the Vanilla Ice Cream.

Will I be buying this flavor?- No

See the Specials of the Week at!


Optimum Nutrition Orange Cream Whey Protein Powder

Do I like this Flavor?
-Sounds alright. I haven't had orange Whey, but have had an Orange flavored NO product.

Mixibility- 8/10. About 15 seconds vigorous shaking to remove clumps from top/sides of shaker.

Texture-8/10. used about 4.5-5oz water. Turned out kinda frothy and little less thin than skim milk.

Taste-7.5/10. Its intriguing. There is a distinct light Orange and a distinct Cream taste. More cream than orange (maybe 65:35 split ). The orange flavor kind of reminds me of Hi-C (Definitely not as sweet/flavorful etc. but there is something similar about it). Has a slight sour aftertaste (kind of like the real thing) with a touch of cream.

Overall-7.5/10. The frothiness would get on my nerves after a while. But an orange flavored whey protein is hard to come by. It was good.

Will I be buying this flavor?
- Yeah, I'd buy a small container just to break up the monotony.


Optimum Nutrition Extreme Milk Chocolate Whey Protein Powder

Do I like this Flavor?

- 10/10. About 10 seconds of moderate shaking.

Texture-9/10. Used about 6oz water (I started with less, but it made the flavor too strong). Thin as Hot Chocolate.

-9/10. Flavor reminds me of Nestle sugar-free hot chocolate and Scitec alpine chocolate whey. It was smooth. I think its the sweetner that gives an aftertaste that lasts only a second or two and then its gone.

-9/10. It was really good. Not quite Champion, in my opinion, but I'd give it a go any time.

Will I be buying this flavor?- Yes


Optimum Nutrition Carmel Toffee Fudge Whey Protein Powder

Do I like this Flavor? -Yes

Mixibility- 8.75/10. About 15 seconds of moderate shaking. Still had some small clumps on sides of shaker.

-9/10. Used about 5.5oz water. It is on the thick side of thin (if that makes any sense) kind of like twice as thick as hot chocolate.

Taste-9.25/10. It has a smooth carmel taste with a nice sweet flavor. Smells pretty good too (more like butterscotch to me).

Overall-9/10. I'm not sure if I could drink it after every workout, but it would make a good "imitation dessert" if I'm in the mood for something sweet, but don't want to cheat on my diet.

Will I be buying this flavor?
- Yes - Best Service, Lowest Prices, Fa


Optimum Nutrition Cookies and Cream Whey Protein Powder

Do I like this Flavor?
- Not really.

Mixibility- 9/10. About 15 seconds of moderate shaking.

Texture-9/10. Used about 6oz water. Mixed thin. Bonus points for having cookie crumbs in it (pretty cool).

Taste-6/10. Don't be expecting Oreos, because its not going to taste like it. I think it has more of a graham cracker taste. Has a sharp aftertaste that seems to follow suit with alot of these flavors.

-6.75/10. This was on par with expectations and the cookie crumbs were way cool. If not for the aftertaste it might have been equal to Champion Nutrition's cookies & cream, but I'd rather not buy any brand of C&C again. But definitely mad props for cookie crumbs.

Will I be buying this flavor?- No


Optimum Nutrition Root Beer Float Whey Protein Powder

Do I like this Flavor? -its o.k. definitely not my favorite.

Mixibility- 8.5/10. About 15 seconds of moderate shaking.

Texture-8.5/10. Used about 5oz water. Turned out thin and a little frothy

Taste-8/10. There is a faint/lite taste of Root Beer while drinking. Its not overpowering or very intense. The Root beer aftertaste leaves me craving more. To me, the aftertaste is better/more intense than the drink itself.

Overall-8.5/10. I could sniff the bag all day long. It smells exactly like root beer. The taste while drinking is o.k. The after-taste is awesome; the rootbeer flavor is so good. If I said this tastes exactly like a "root beer float" it would be an accurate statement.

Will I be buying this flavor?- No, If I liked rootbeer more I'd buy it, but It was great for what it was.


Optimum Nutrition Chocolate Malt Whey Protein Powder

Do I like this Flavor? - Sure, I rarely eat this flavor though.

-8.5/10. About 12 seconds of moderate shaking. Still some small clumps hiding.

Texture-9.25/10. Used about 4.5oz water. Turned out like skim milk.

Taste-9/10. Its a real sweet flavor. Reminds me of those Whopper chocolate malt candies (less intense flavor though) and definetly smells like choc. malt. The malt afertaste does a good job masking the chemical taste that seems to be in most of the ON flavors.

-9/10. ON did a good job making a Chocolate Malt flavor. I would prefer this flavor over the Double Rich Chocolate.

Will I be buying this flavor?- Yes.


Optimum Nutrition Tropical Punch Whey Protein Powder

Do I like this Flavor? - Yeah, but never had it in protein

Mixibility-7.5/10. About 15 seconds of moderate-to-vigorous shaking. Still some small clumps stuck to the shaker.

Texture-7/10. Used about 4.5oz water. Turned out way frothy.

Taste-7.5/10. Tastes like Tropical fruit punch. It tastes sweet, a bit tart aftertaste with a little chemical flavor. The Taste reminds me of Champion's Amino Shooter or Hawaiin punch. At first, the smell was not very appetizing, but it grew on me.

-7/10. For a fruit flavor it was pretty good. I'd take it over the strawberry.

Will I be buying this flavor?- Yes, If I am in the mood for something tropical that makes me think of summertime beaches maybe a small tub.


Optimum Nutrition French Vanilla Creme Whey Protein Powder

Do I like this Flavor?
- No

Mixibility-9.25/10. About 10 seconds of moderate-to-vigorous shaking.

Texture-7/10. Used about 5oz water. Turned out frothy, but smooth. About twice the thickness of standard hot chocolate.

Taste-4/10. Its a very neutral french vanilla flavor, meaning the flavor is noticeable, but only slightly. However, as you're swallowing it hits you with a Sharp/bitter chemical taste. Its there for only a short while, but its there long enough to ruin your day.

Overall-4/10. The bitterness as it finishes just kills it.

Will I be buying this flavor?- No


Optimum Nutrition Rocky Road Whey Protein Powder

Do I like this Flavor?
- No

Mixibility-9.25/10. About 10 seconds of moderate-to-vigorous shaking.

Texture-8.5/10. Used about 4.5oz water. Turned out thin.

Taste-6/10. Its a sweet flavor (maybe because it tries to mimic marshmallow). There is an almond extract type taste and smell. The almond taste masks the chemicalness at the end well, but there is still some chemical flavor there. The chocolate is lite, kind of like just the backdrop... its a not a star player on the field.

-6.5/10. If you like almond flavor this is probably for you. Beware its really sweet.

Will I be buying this flavor?- No


Optimum Nutrition Banana Cream Whey Protein Powder

Do I like this Flavor? - Yes

Mixibility-9.25/10. About 10 seconds of moderate-to-vigorous shaking. Small hidden clumps.

Texture-10/10. Used about 4.5oz water. Turned out smooth

Taste-10/10. Refreshing. Beautiful. Exactly like a banana milk shake. Reminds me of those small banana-shaped candies you'd pay a quarter for a handful at the store candy machines.

Overall-10/10. Homerun! I want more.

Will I be buying this flavor?- Yes, large quantities.


Optimum Nutrition Mocha Cappuccino Whey Protein Powder

Do I like this Flavor?
-No, not that much

Mixibility- 9/10. About 12 seconds of moderate shaking. Still small clumps on shaker.

Texture-8.5/10. Used about 5oz water. Mixed moderately thin.

Taste-7.5/10. It's a lite mocha flavor, not intense. Has an authentic mocha coffee smell.

-7.5/10. I'm not a big coffee drinker. But I can say that IMO this is a more authentic mocha flavor than Champion Nutrition's version. I enjoy ON's mocha cappuccino more than Champion's. I also love how it smells like coffee.

Will I be buying this flavor?- No.


Optimum Nutrition Strawberry Banana Whey Protein Powder

Do I like this Flavor?
-Not sure, but it sounds interesting

Mixibility- 8/10. About 14 seconds of moderate-to-vigorous shaking. Some small clumps noticeable upon drinking.

Texture-8.5/10. Used about 5oz water. Mixed a little bit thin. About a half inch of froth on top.

Taste-7/10. Tastes more strawberry than banana. But it does have the genuine "I just blended a banana into my strawberry shake" taste to it.

Overall-7/10. It was o.k. Just let's you know that if you can get the strawberry flavor, not like it, but mix it w/ banana and it might be drinkable. But, if you don't like their strawberry I would not get this.

Will I be buying this flavor?- No.


Optimum Nutrition Chocolate Mint Whey Protein Powder

Do I like this Flavor?

Mixibility- 9/10. About 10 seconds of moderate-to-vigorous shaking.

Texture-8.5/10. Used about 4.5oz water. Mixed moderately thin.

Taste-6.75/10. Dark chocolate type taste (strong bitterness). Mint flavor was weak.

Overall-7/10. It was kind of a letdown. I don't remember the chocolate being as intense or the mint being as weak 5-6 years ago when I bought a 5lber. I do, however, remember getting sick of it after the 3rd pound or so.

Will I be buying this flavor?- No.

Optimum 100% Whey Protein, 10 Lbs., Double Rich Chocolate

Click Espresso Protein Energy Drink - Hot Coffee Protein Shake

Click Espresso Protein Energy Drink

Click CLICK, 14 Servings, Mocha

Click's Click Espresso brings the authentic coffee flavor to your cup every morning with a protein boost. This protein drink is able to be heated up in the microwave and served hot just like the regular stuff. Click Espresso contains real espresso coffee(has much caffeine as 12-14oz of brewed coffee. This energy drink can truly get you going in the morning and assist you those late nights when you burn the midnight oil to meet deadlines.

Buy Click Double Shot Espresso NOW

Dymatize Elite Whey Protein Powder - Protein Muscle Builder

Dymatize Elite Whey Protein Powder

Nutrex Lipo-6 Hers | Women's Weight Loss Supplement

Nutrex Lipo-6 Hers - Women's Weightloss Supplement

Nutrex Lipo 6 Hers, 120 Multi-Phase Capsules

Nutrex Lipo-6 Hers is specifically designed to work well with the female body. Each ingredient has a female-specific weightloss purpose.

"The prescribed dose in each serving of LIPO-6 Hers has been precisely adjusted to fit the tolerance range of a female. That way women will benefit from the optimum fat-burning, appetite-suppressing as well as mood-enhancing and energy-producing effect without having to worry about getting ‘over-stimulated' and ‘crashing' at the end of the day. Furthermore LIPO-6 Hers contains vitamins vital to overall health during periods of dieting."

Customer Reviews from

"I really like the results i have seen from this product. I only have used it for a month and within the first week I lost 5 pounds of fat... I highly recommend this product."

"I've been taking Lipo 6 Hers for 10 days now; it's working awesome so far. I've already lost 7.5 lbs since starting it only 10 days ago..."

Click Here for More Information about Lipo-6 Hers

Champion Nutrition Whey Protein | Best Tasting Protein Powder Supplement

Champion Nutrition Pure Whey Protein

Champion Pure Whey Protein Stack, 5 Lbs., Chocolate

I've tried the Chocolate, Banana, Cookies N' Cream, and Mocha flavors. The Chocolate is the best Chocolate Whey Protein I've ever had. The Banana is pretty good too. It is manufactured by a quality company and have a vast lineup of products. So be sure to check them out.

BodyWell Nutrition First Order | Beta-Alanine Endurance Supplement

BodyWell Nutrition First Order

BodyWell Nutrition First Order, 50 Packets, Lemonade

Beta-Alanine Endurance Supplement

BodyWell First Order contains the proven workout enhancer Beta-alanine that increases muscle endurance during intense workouts at the gym, long runs in the park, and during long bike rides. This product comes in convenient packets "on the go" style so you can mix it right before the big game.

~Reduces exercise-induced fatigue by up to 34%
~Gives you more energy for increased performance
~Increases physical stamina and endurance
~Lets you train harder, become stronger, and recover faster

Ideal For :

Endurance athletes
Strength/power athletes
Team sports
Active people

First Order on Sale Now

BodyWell Nutrition E2 Voltage | Sugar-Free Energy Drink

BodyWell Nutrition E2 Voltage

BodyWell Nutrition E2 Voltage, 24 Bottles - Buy One, Get One Free, Lemonade

BodyWell Nutrition brings us this electrifying new Energy Drink. E2 Voltage has the energy and endurance that you need prior to working out. This sugar-free energy drink not only provides the focus needed to train hard, but also contains Beta-Alanine to give you the muscle endurance to train an extra few minutes each session to maximixe workouts.

~Increases Energy and Endurance
~Reduces Mental and Physical Fatigue
~Contains Potent Anti-Oxidant Properties

Did I mention this Energy drink is Sugar-free? That's right. Too many energy drinks on the market are filled with fattening sugar, but E2 Voltage is not one of them. BodyWell E2 Voltage gives you a focused energizered euphoria that you won't forget.

Increase The VOLTAGE

BodyWell Nutrition Tight Curves | Whey Protein Designed For Women

BodyWell Nutrition Tight Curves

BodyWell Nutrition Tight Curves, 1 Lb., Berry

Protein Made For A Woman

BodyWell Nutrition's Tight Curves is specifically designed to enhance the effects of a female's diet. Tight Curves helps provide nutrients that deliver sleek and sexy muscle tone while protecting our healthy nails, flowing hair and vibrant skin. This protein powder delivers everything our bodies demand.

~Supports low carb diets
~Facilitates muscle toning
~Accelerates fat loss
~Supports bone density
~Elevates mood
~Improves hair, skin & nails

"Tight Curves contains only natural ingredients of the highest quality-soy protein, PeptoPro amino acids, calcium, Black Cohosh, and St. John's Wort-all deliver the benefits women want most. These include enhanced weight control, muscle tone, bone density, mood, endurance, and recovery, as well as an overall sense of well-being."

Get Tight Curves You know you want them. :)

Advanced Muscle Science Dienedrone - Trenbolone Clone - Prohormone

Advanced Muscle Science Dienedrone

Advanced Muscle Science Dienedrone, 60 Capsules

Planetary Nutrition Coupon | Discount Whey Protein Nutrition Coupons

Planetary Nutrition

Discount Coupon Code CLUTCH10 : 10% off entire purchase.

price after Coupon:

American Whey 10lb - $57
MuscleTech CellTech - $36
BSN NO-Xplode - $38.70
Balance Bars - $17.05

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

RPN Fidomega | Omega 3 Enriched Organic Doggy Treats | Pet Supplements

RPN Fidomega Organic Dog Treats

Recomp Performance Nutrition FidOmega Nugget Treats, 20 Ounces, Peanut Butter

Since RPN is disolving its brand soon, Fidomega will arrive under another brand name. There is talk that, in addition to the Fidomega organic dog treats, there will be an organic treat developed for cats as well. Eating as close to natural as possible is also super healthy for felines. Visit Steve's health answers for Cat Health tips about feeding your cat the best possible natural diet.

Renegade Pheromone Skin Balm | Confidence Booster - RPN Supplements

RPN Renegade Pheromone Skin Balm

RPN Renegade Pheremone Skin Balm contains the same pheremone formula as in the popular RPN Renegade pheremone soap. The only difference is this is used like an aftershave lotion. You rub a pea-sized dab on your neck, chest, and wrists (body parts that produce the most heat) and you let the pheremones do the rest.

RPN Renegade Reviews from bodybuilding forums.

"Pheromones exert just as powerful, if not a MORE powerful, effect upon the wearer. I love the psychological/confidence/assertiveness boost I get from Renegade."
~Dsade, owner of RPN

"I tried the renegade soap/balm combo and was really impressed... The scent is pleasant, but not overwhelming so you can wear additional cologne/body spray and not smell like a jackass. Really seems to provide a decent mood elevation as well. I definitely suggest picking some up..."

Read more reviews here

Renegade Pheromone Soap - Send Her Signals RPN Style

RPN Renegade Pheromone Soap

Recomp Performance Nutrition Renegade Pheromone Soap, 6 Oz.

RPN Renegade Soap is specifically designed to attract the ladies. It also has a strong impact on the wearer as it helps increase confidence and enhances mood. Renegade helps you bring it... nuf' said.

Renegade has a healthy thick lather that helps the soap last for about a month per bar. The smell is a very manly leather that should help bring out the Alpha side of you.

RPN Renegade contains shea butter, not only to moisten and hydrate the skin, but to help the pheremones penetrate the skin to allow the Pheromones to slowly release over time. This lets each application last for hours.

"You will note levels of talkativeness, touching, attentiveness, general affection, response to your advances, your OWN mood/confidence, and HER mood/response. This is crucial, guys...the affects of pheromones are very dependent on many factors, including how you carry yourself. They WILL affect you, as well as her."
~Dsade, owner of RPN

Find RPN Flawless at the Store

Java Lather Liquid Soap | RPN Gourmet Coffee Scented Skin Healing Soap

RPN Java Lather Liquid Soap

RPN Eviscerate - Hardcore Fat Burning Lotion Review + Coupon

RPN Eviscerate - Hardcore Fat Burning Lotion

Use discount coupon code 3472-BNT155 at for a 5% discount on RPN Eviscerate.

"RPN Eviscerate represents a leap forward in targeted fatloss products. RPN Eviscerate's potent formula has been proven in the real world to dramatically reduce unwanted and unsightly fat deposits, including dreaded arm/leg/abdominal fat and cellulite. RPN Eviscerate: Reveal the Lean Underneath."

Reviews from and :

"Thermogenesis is obvious! Heat comes and goes depending on body temp apparently. No redness or dryness."

"my wife loves this stuff"

"Went to the gym this morning & did a weight lifting cardio session (circuit training). When I was leaving the gym, my abs/love handles really started to burn!! They continued to burn when I got home, about an hour after that, I went out to do yard work & sweat my butt off!! The burn continued!!"

"Well I worked arms yesterday. I applied Eviscerate all over my bi's and Tri's. It was funny walking around with two beat red arms. Anyways, I was astonished. Halfway through my workout my arms seemed huge. They were so jacked up. I didn't feel tremendously pumped, but my wife sure noticed. She stopped the elliptical to tell me my arms looked gigantic."

"Did traps today. Applied Eviscerate to traps, delts and arms. Massive pump. After the heavy sets my traps looked twice the normal size. I never get pumped on heavy sets. Same heat and milder redness. Been on for two weeks (abs only - abs no longer get red. Just sweat. DOMS is more pronounced (same as I reported on tris when I did that monday.) Overall they just feel harder/denser PWO. At 2 hrs PWO its still noticeably denser."

I love RPN. They are one of the coolest supplement companies out there and are always coming out with new innovative products. They've pretty much been marketed Word of Mouth and have a supplement genius at the wheel.

RPN NoXidant Anti-Oxidant Supplement | Harmful Free-Radical Protection

RPN NoXidant Anti-Oxidant Supplement

Recomp Performance Nutrition NoXidant/Gut Health Combo, 1 Bottle Each

Javalique ZENquility Spa Quality Bubble Bath | RPN Supplements

Javalique ZENquility Spa Quality Bubble Bath

Recomp Performance Nutrition ZENquility, 6 Oz.

Lavish your body in the foamy wonders of ZENquility. Scented with the same Javalique flavor that is in the Java Lather soaps, the java aroma will arouse your senses as you relax. ZENquility's refreshing sea salt soak brings a day at the spa right to your home.

RPN Java Lustre Cleansing Shampoo Conditioner | Repair Hair

RPN's Java Lustre Conditioning Treatment

RPN Majestic Mineral Mudd Mask | Gourmet Skin Care Supplement

RPN Majestic Mineral Mudd Mask

RPN BoBu Exotic Body Butter - Vanilla Skin Softener

RPN BoBu Exotic Body Butter

RPN Banish - Pimple Cream Acne Soap | Blemish Supplement

RPN Banish - Pimple Cream Acne Soap

Recomp Performance Nutrition Banish, 7 Oz Bar

RPN Flawless - Skin Care Supplement | Erase Stretch Marks

RPN Flawless - Skin Care Supplement

Recomp Performance Nutrition Flawless/Java Lather Combo, 1 Kit

RPN Flawless is all about getting rid of stretch marks. This skincare supplement rubs on to reduce the color of hideous stretch marks into a much lighter color that hides them.

"Skin is meant to stretch...when the structures within skin lose elasticity (or exceeds its stretch point) then stretch marks occur. The new flawless both helps immediately reheal any injuries as well as enhancing the stretching properties of skin structures, elastin and collagen."
~Dsade, owner of RPN

Find RPN Flawless at the Store

RPN DCP - Damage Control Protocol - Mitochondrial Oxidation

RPN DCP - Damage Control Protocol

Gut Health Lactobacillus Probiotic | RPN Digestive Supplement

Gut Health Lactobacillus Probiotic

Recomp Performance Nutrition GUT Health, 35 Capsules

RPN Atomic Meltdown - Fat Burning Tanning Lotion | JavaLique

RPN Atomic Meltdown

Recomp Performance Nutrition Atomic Meltdown, 8.5 Fl. Oz.

Work on you tan while burning fat. RPN takes us to new levels with this fat burning tanning lotion brings the heat, but does not let us burn. RPN Atomic Meltdown contains the fat burning forumula Napalm with a host of skin moisturizers and of course the bronzing agent that helps us get that golden look.

RPN Java Lather | Coffee Scented Soap | Treat Stretch Marks

RPN Java Lather

RPN Slick Pleasures Lubricant - Sex Enhancing Lube - Sex Supplements

RPN Slick Pleasures Lubricant

RPN Slick Pleasures Lube is precisely what you need to enhance late night fun activities. This skin tingling lubricant is sure to enhance your (and your partner's) sexual experiences as it offers friction-less motion. With a taste and smell reminiscent of Raspberry, RPN Slick Pleasures sensual lubricant will be pleasurable.

Find RPN Slick Pleasures Lubricant at the Store

RPN Slick Pleasures Sensual Massage Candle | RPN Supplements

RPN Slick Pleasures Sensual Massage Candle

Reduce stress and relax as the RPN Slick Pleasures Massage Candle soothes your tension away.

Find RPN Slick Pleasures Sensual Massage Candle at the Store

Monday, May 11, 2009 Discount Coupons - Free Coupon Codes

A1supplements Discount Coupons

4% off any order of $250 or more!

Use Coupon Code 4off250


6% off any order of $500 or more!

Use Coupon Code 6off500

AllMax Nutrition Femme Weightloss Diet Supplements Bundle

AllMax Nutrition Femme Supplements

AllMax Nutrition ISOfemme | Women's Protein Smoothie Supplement Powder

AllMax Nutrition ISOfemme Women's Protein Powder

Athletic Edge Nutrition IntrAbolic | During Workout BCAA Supplement

Athletic Edge Nutrition IntrAbolic

American Sports Nutrition | American Whey Protein Powder Review

American Sports Nutrition American Whey Protein

American Whey Protein, 10lbs - Cheap Whey Protein

American Whey is one of the best tasting protein supplement around. The nutrient profile is on point too especially for a economical whey protein supplement. Some small clumps are still left even after using the blender bottle, but the flavor more than makes up for that.

On top of that the larger sizes (10lb and 25lb) come in an awesome container. Its not the normal tub, its like buket with a thin metal handle... how cool is that! The only minor flaw with this ultra cool protein bucket is its lid; Its very hard to get back on. So if you have a couple spare 5lb tubs sitting around you it should be easier to store. However, if not, you should be alright.

Get your American Whey at STG today and SAVE!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Supplement Direct Flavorless Protein Concentrate - Cheap Protein

This store has 5lbs of Supplement Direct Whey Protein Powder

flavorless cheap whey protein concentrate for around $27. This is a pretty good price for a flavorless whey and a better deal when used with the bodybuilding discount coupons. As it is flavorless, it is a versatile powder that you can put in anything for added protein or drink it straight. may drop the price a little sometime, because they are currently trying to recoup the loss on a bigtime pricing mistake when this product was launched a few days ago.

I probably would not buy flavorless, but if I did I would mix it with the Premium Flavor packs available at True Protein. Word on the street is that TrueProtein will have a "chocolate peanut butter" flavor and a "peanut butter cup" flavor coming out in a few weeks. I'll try and get an update on here whenever they finally come out with it.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Nutraplanet Discount Coupon Codes | Nutraplanet Deals

3off100 $3 off $100 purchase.

7off200 $7 off $200 purchase.

12off300 $12 off $300 purchase.

18off400 $18 off $400 purchase.

25off500 $25 off $500 purchase.

Nutraplanet currently has free ground shipping on orders above $75

Nutraplanet seems to always have lots of good deals on supplement capsules (prohormones, non-hormonal testosterone boosters, fatburners), but the Whey Protein prices on name brands are higher compared to other stores.

Netrition Coupon Code Discounts | Clearance Nutritional Supplement rarely uses coupons, but does have some deals on shipping and a volume discount for ordering large product quantities.

$4.95 Flat Rate Shipping

Save 5% on order over $200

Get a FREE Shaker Bottle or T-Shirt with a $75 online order (before shipping charge).

Cool Notes :

They have an awesome clearance rack of expired supplements.

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