Saturday, July 31, 2010

True Protein 10% OFF Discount Code BNT602 - Most Popular Products

Get up to 10% off your order from when using Discount Code BNT602 

NOTE: BNT602 gets you 5% off automatically at checkout. Plus an additional 5% if you purchase over 16lbs of the same powder or over 5 units of selected supplements. Products with volume discounts will have notations on their individual product pages.

It is a big weekend for many Trueprotein Athletes this labor day weekend as its time for the North American Bodybuilding Championships! Teens, Mens, Over-40 mens, Over-50 mens, plus Womens, Figure, and Bikini are all represented. With many a pro card given out to the overall winners. We want to wish the best of luck to the various competitors.

We have been asked repeatedly to put up a list of the some of the most popular products bought here by customers at Trueprotein.

1)  BuzzSaw
Simply put: Works like crazy, tastes like crap.

2)  NO Holds N-O
Simply put: Nitric Oxide product that has 2x the potency/amounts of everyone elses.

3)  RTD (Ready-to-Drink) 50g 12-Pack 
Simply put: Convenient, on the go, and as high quality ingredients as you can get.

4)  TEAMSKIP Protein Formula  
Simply put: fast/slow/medium digesting proteins and the taste is top of the line

5)  True Protein Premium Flavor Packs 
Simply put: Get your protien plain and then add the flavoring that you want to your taste!

6)  Gemma Protein Pea Isolate  
Simply put: high in leucine/arginine and a complete amino acid profile. Great in mixes!

7)  Cyclogainer
Simply put: By far our most popular weight gaining product, incredible taste!

8)  Swedish Oat Starch 
Simply put: the most popular carbohydrate used by our football and athletic athletes

9)  Fish Oil Complex 1000mg Softgels 
Simply put: the health benefits cannot be overstated.

10)  Super Omega 3-6-9 2400mg Softgels 
Simply put: At times our most bought product on the site

11)  Trueprotein capsules and singular ingredients 
Simply put: Without a shadow of a doubt the single most popular page on Trueprotein. From BCAA's to fat burners to joint compounds to testosterone boosters to multivitamins and on and on, more products are shipped out from this page than any other!

And Finally This Week's Special!!!

For Every order over $150.00 (before shipping), using the code NACHAMPS will receive 10% OFF there ENTIRE order.  As you guys know, we don't give 10% discounts often, so here's your chance to stock up on all of your favorite True Protein Supplements!  This Special will be good until Monday September 6th, at Midnight 11:59 PM PST.  This code can not be combined with any other codes or specials.

Thanks again for your continued loyalty and for choosing True Protein as your one source for the highest quality products at the absolute lowest price.


Doug, Dante, John, Carl, and the entire TP Team
True Protein


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