Thursday, July 1, 2010

D-Aspartic Acid Review - Bodybuilding Testosterone Supplement

It seems like D-aspartic acid is the next big thing when it comes to bodybuilding supplements. D-aspartic acid helps out sperm cells and with sex hormone production. This ingredient significantly raises LH levels which means that the Leutinizing Hormones can send a message to the testes to make more testosterone. A scientific research study shows a rise in testosterone of 33% in under 2 weeks of d-aspartic acid supplement use.

I've seen a few products on the market containing d aspartic acid; one is by Patrick Arnold's Company E-pharm the other is by True Protein. I will compare these 2 products soon: epharm Testforce and trueprotein's MG's Super Test Booster.

Bulk D-asparic-acid powder($13.25 for 100g) and capsules ($13.25 for 120 caps) can be purchased on
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