Tuesday, September 8, 2009

DiscountAnabolics.com Coupon Code - Better than Free Shipping | Discount Codes

Discount Anabolics coupon codes saves you money on each order from discount anabolics. There are some great deals out now.

$3.00 Off $100 Order. Use Coupon Code: 3OFF100
$7.00 Off $200 Order. Use Coupon Code: 7OFF200 Better Than Free Shipping
$12.00 Off $300 Order. Use Coupon Code: 12OFF300 Better Than Free Shipping
$18.00 Off $400 Order. Use Coupon Code: 18OFF400 Better Than Free Shipping
$25.00 Off $500 Order. Use Coupon Code: 25OFF500 Better Than Free Shipping

This coupon code expires on an unknown date.

Shipping cost is a flat-rate fee of $5.95 for up to 7 pounds and $0.85 for every pound after .

A quick look tells me most of the popular brands of whey protein powder are around $40 on average for 5lbs of whey protein powder which is less than stellar even in the current protein market. Tack on the shipping at roughly $1 per pound and we discover that Discount Anabolics may not be the best place to buy heavy products.

Discount Anabolics does bring down some good prices on capsuled products like fatburners, test-boosters and prohormones. They seem to ease in a few dollars cheaper than the competition on some of the more popular products. A few examples are Molecular Nutrition's X-factor for about $45 a bottle (FYI you need 2 bottle for a cycle), Anabolic Xtreme StimulantX for $27, and Anabolic Xtreme 3-AD at $55. They also seem to have good prices BCAA powders like Xtend.

I'd like to note the large amount of "out of stock" which seems to be alot (not including the recent recall of Hydroxycut Products). I understand stock shortages, but some of these items are never coming back such as package deals with Primaforce Whey Protein Isolate and the original Aspire36 (RIP) that got permanately banned over a year ago for having viagra/cialis is listed as "out of stock" on the website.

Bottom Line: If you are shopping for heavy items this may not be the store for you because the extra dollar a pound for shipping can stack up fast if you are not careful. However, if you are just buying capsules and lighter products you could score some deals at Discount Anabolics.


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