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TrueProtein Coupon Code Save 10% BNT602 | True Protein Discount Code

True Protein Coupon Code BNT602 Saves you atleast 5% at

True Protein Coupon Summary :

Save a total of 10% at the online supplement store by using the True Protein "volume discount". The Volume discount is found on the True Protein product pages. The Trueprotein product page should list two prices; the first price represents the cost of each unit if you only buy one unit of product at True Protein. The next price (in red) is your bulk purchase discount. You buy over a certain minimum number of units and you receive an additional discount in addition to the 5% off True Protein Coupon code BNT602. For most True protein Whey products the volume discount begins at 16 pounds. For the supplement powders minimum units vary greatly. Just look at each product page and locate the discount per number of units.

You can Choose different flavors of protein for the volume discount, but not different types of Trueprotein Whey Protein.

This means that you can choose 3lbs of one trueprotein flavor, 8lb of another True Protein flavor and 5lb of another or any combination of pounds that add up to atleast 16lbs. Just write which True Protein flavors you want in the comment box and Trueprotein will take care of the rest.

The combination of the True Protein Coupon Code BNT602 and the Volume Discount will save you 10% on your next True Protein Order.

True Protein Discount Coupon Code Instructions :

True Protein Coupon Code

True Protein 10% Off Discount Code BNT602
True Protein offers Custom supplements that you design yourself or pick from a variety of pre-made formulas. No matter your dietary requirements, there is something at True Protein that can help you reach your goal. Known for its high quality, low prices, and excellent customer service; True Protein has made buying supplements in bulk much easier.

Coupon Code: BNT602

Save 5% on your whole order of whey protein, health supplements, and capsuled products from

**Increase Your Savings**

Purchase more than 16lbs to receive an additional 5% discount automatically.


1. True Protein coupon code BNT602 is the one you type in at checkout. The coupon code will save you 5% on your whole Trueprotein order. On the checkout page in the blank space after Promotion Discount Code: type BNT602 and then click "Update" and you will receive a 5% discount. Shipping not included.

2. The Second coupon discount is a volume discount determined by the number of product pounds or units purchased. You will get a volume discount by buying 16lbs or more of one powder or a certain number of bottles of supplement capsules.

- If you want to purchase a variety of flavored protein and still receive the true protein volume discount, then pick one type of flavor and amount 16lb or more of one type of bottled capsules. In the "order comments" on the Checkout page write which flavors of protein you want to purcahse. An example follows :

True Protein Whey Protein Isolate Ion-Exchange 4lb premium chocolate fudge
True Protein Whey Protein Isolate Ion-Exchange 4lb premium french vanilla
True Protein Whey Protein Isolate Ion-Exchange 4lb premium Orange Creme
True Protein Whey Protein Isolate Ion-Exchange 4lb premium banana bash

*Notice that there is only one type of protein selected. The volume discount only applies to one type of protein purchased in bulk. You would have to buy 16lbs or equivalent bottles of another substance to qualify for the volume true protein discount coupon.

This way you will get more true protein flavors at a lower price.

So using coupon code BNT602 will save you 10% on your trueprotein purchase when you make large orders at

True Protein FLAVORS :

1. The "Premium Flavors" taste the best and there is a wide variety to choose. It may be best to order a few flavors you know that you will like on your first order and purchase the sample variety pack that contains baggies with about 2 scoops of protein flavored with all the premium flavors to go along with your first true protein order.

2. True protein allows you a small selection of free flavors. These free flavors can be doubled by writing in the order comments to double the flavor such as "double chocolate". Though it is worth the 75 cents to purchase premium flavoring, doubling the flavoring on some of the free flavors seems to be sufficient. I have tried double banana TeamSkip and thought it was pretty good.

3. Protein Powder can be bought plain, flavored but unsweetened, or unflavored and unsweetened.

4. Premium flavors and regular flavors can be purchased separately to flavor your protein or supplement purchase. The premium flavors may also be good to flavor smoothies or other similar foods.

Hints :
~ Save on shipping by doing a bulk protein purchase with a few friends. A large 15+ pound order helps save money by spreads the shipping cost amongst a group.
~ All orders ship from California so shipping time will be shorter if you are on the west coast. Coast to Coast it seems to take about a week to ship.

"The name and reputation of True Protein has been built on word of mouth alone in the health and fitness industry…"

~True Protein

Show your support for a young growing company by passing the True Protein Discount Code BNT602 to your friends, saving them money and helping them make dramatic changes to their bodies.


TrueProtein Discount BNT602 Discount Code

True Protein Discount Code


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