Tuesday, May 3, 2011

True Protein Newsletter May 2011

Mike Martinez (L) & Chris Mcreery (R)
at the 2011 San Diego Championships

Trueprotein supports the local athletes too!
2011 San Diego Bodybuilding Championships

Congratulations to two local athletes Mike Martinez and Chris
Mcreery. See it helps to be friends with Dante Trudel (co-owner).
Both Mike and Chris decided to do their first bodybuilding shows
ever and both gave their all and did incredibly well. Both have
never seen, attended or prepared for a bodybuilding show before
so this was a first time experience for both of them.

Mike Martinez took both the novice and open lightweights, and
Chris Mcreery placed 3rd in an incredibly tough open
middleweights class. Both of these guys have great character and
are extremely well liked locally. They are both ecstatic at doing so
well first time out!

Mike Martinez's favorite supplements included: Cold Filtrated
Isolate (chocolate), various flavor packs, Burn fat burner, Yohimbe
HCL, Geronaimo, instantized BCAA powder, and dextrose

Chris Mcreerys favorite supplements included: Cold Filtrated
Isolate (peanut butter), Instantized BCAA powder, Burn fat burner,
L-glutamine, and Yohimbe HCL caps.

Congrats to both of these guys and good luck in the future!

Dave Henry


Dave Henry who started with Trueprotein and went up thru the bodybuilding ranks and
then was signed to an exclusive Multiyear contract by a major supplement company when he was doing well in the pro's......is NOW BACK WITH THE TRUEPROTEIN TEAM.


He became a free agent and we dont forget special athletes like Dave. Let me tell
you a little bit about Dave Henry....besides being pound for pound one of the best
bodybuilders walking the planet he also is a 16 year active member of the Air Force. And he is currently deployed over in Afghanistan and South Korea.

We support Dave Henry and all military personnel because they make up a huge part of
our customer base. We feel like we were a big part of Dave's success from amateur up to Pro level and we gladly welcome him back aboard the Trueprotein team as he honorably serves his military obligations in 2011......and then competes again in the Pro's in 2012.

What does Dave like to use? Pepto Pro, Cold Filtrated Whey Isolate, Team Skip,
Yohimbe HCL for dieting, Assorted flavor packs (he likes watermelon, strawberry coconut, chocolate coconut, vanilla creme, and fruit flavors...


Do you have questions for these guys? Well ask and you shall receive!
Here's how it works: Go to the
Trueprotein forum or Facebook
and ask your
burning question for Mike, Chris, or Dave...we'll pick the top 10 questions and
get answers from these guys for you! Don't miss the chance to get some insight
into these impressive dudes.


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