Sunday, January 17, 2010 Supplement Discount Offers has some pretty good sales going on right now.

Some of the RPN skincare line such as zenquility and even the Russell the Mussel children's book is on sale at up to 40% off.

LG's new preworkout powder Anadraulic pump has a $5 discount.

ZipFizz energy drink is buy 2 get 1 free. If there was a variety pack I'd buy it, but its sold in 3 tube packs. I'd hate to end up with 9 tubes of a flavor I hate.

SciFit's Muscle Smoothie is buy one 3lb container get one free. I tried a sample bottle once of the chocolate marshmallow flovor (samples of powder comes in its own bottle) I was less than impressed - It was alright. Kind of resembled a hot chocolate w/ marshmallows kind of flavor except no hot of course. I prefer a stronger chocolate flavor.

For those who like Muscle Tech there are some buy one get one free deals and buy2get1 deals at So make sure to check out their page.


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