Wednesday, December 30, 2009

True Protein BCAA Boost Review & Protein Soup Review has a discount code BNT602 that gives a 5% discount on all your protein supplement purchases from the true protein store. I like trueprotein and have tried many of the products at

True Protein BCAA Boost Review:

I've tried trueprotein's bcaa preworkout supplement BCAA Boost: it provides a clean energy feeling and has a solid ingredient profile that contains green tea extract, bcaa's, and caffeine. I get it flavoed citrus LimeAde. At first the flavor was a bit too much like a gatorade sports drink, but I eventually got used to the taste. If I remember correctly the trueprotein bcaa boost contains 250mg of caffeine, so coffee drinkers can drink this in the morning instead.

True Protein Soup Review (True Protein Broth)

I'm not much of a soup eater, but sometimes I have a craving for a healthy soup once in a while. I don't touch anything canned anymore or have had any of those ramen noodle meals. Taste was pretty good. True protein's soup was seasoned nicely and it seemed to drift in the air. Take note that their is a version of true protein soup that is just the soup broth. That means there is a low carb option out their for folks seeking a high protein broth. The only side effect I noticed was some serious gas from the true protein soup. I think it is from the beef protein powder that is a main ingredient in the protein soup.


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